How to avoid culture shock in a new city

How to avoid culture shock in a new city

How to avoid culture shock in a new city

Most people relocate to a new city or a country in search of a job, a better opportunity or to lead a better lifestyle. They may either move themselves or with their families.

Moving homes is an inundating task. It can become stressful, if not planned properly. One needs to start preparing months in advance to complete the tasks on time without getting exhausted.

Listed below are a few things that can help you move easily.

  1. Start preparing couple of months in advance by making a list of things to do.
  2. Segregate your things into separate boxes “To move”, To Donate” and “To Discard”
  3. Give away things in the donate and discard boxes.
  4. Manage your utility payments by setting up an auto payment facility.
  5. Inform your accountant about your move and seek his advice to handle your finances properly.
  6. Hire expert packers and movers to move your furniture and the “To move” box.

While there may be similarities between two cities or two countries, there may be many differences between them. Hence it is always advisable to study in detail about the place you are moving to. Gather information on the weather, the language, the people and their culture, the modes of transport, the entertainment facilities, the schools nearby etc. These things help to adjust to the new place quickly. People who are unable to adjust themselves to the new surroundings often experience “Culture shock”.

Have you heard this term before? Let us understand what it exactly means….

Culture shock refers to the physical and emotional discomfort, experienced by people when they move from one cultural environment to the other. Adapting the new culture is also associated with stress, anxiety, confusion and the feeling of being lost or being out of place. It affects the way we think about ourselves and others, the way we interact and deal with our emotions. We assume that people find difficulty in adjusting to the new culture only when they move to a different country. Surprisingly, it happens even when they move from one region to the other within the country.

Now let us find out how we can avoid and overcome culture shock while shifting homes.

Some expats experience difficulty in adapting the new culture, when they move away from their families. They are unable to cope with the loneliness and adjust themselves to the new surroundings. This leads to dissatisfaction and they tend to return back home early. This affects the company’s performance and they suffer huge losses. It happens because the company spends significant amounts to send their employees abroad on assignments and they perform badly. For the individuals, this may result in family conflict, lowered self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy and ambiguous goals. Eventheir families including kids mayfind difficulty in adjusting themselves to the new atmosphere.A recent survey conducted showed that the most common factors in employee performance are partner dissatisfaction, family concerns, and inability to adapt to the new culture.

One can definitely avoid culture shock by

  1. Knowing what you are experiencing is normal. What always starts as an exciting experience, can lead to some challenging situations. One should be patient and gentle under any circumstances.
  2. Read more about the city you are planning to move into
  3. Talk to family and friends who are already living there. Seek help from them and try to create a community around yourself.
  4. Stay positive and avoid negativity.
  5. Prepare yourself to accept the challenges and face them bravely.

Remember that there is an “opportunity” in every event and it can become fun and exciting by working towards achieving them.

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